#mysoulisnotforsell - My Story!

♦🔹♦🔹When I was in my early 20's I was job hunting for a career change in the Life Insurance industry. I sent my resume to one of the largest Life Insurance Companies (will not reveal the name) and immediately received a response of interest. I was thrilled to have this company desiring not only to have me interview but they also mentioned their willingness to invest in my insurance license. - 💥I was dressed in my navy blue suit with my linen resume in hand. I arrived to meet the young lady with whom I spoke to over the phone. We had a phenomenal interview and discovery meeting. She knew I would be ready for the next step in this process. So, she guided me to another area of the office where there were a few available computers to use. The young lady said, "Ok Anne, select a computer to take the personality test." I was confused especially sense I had never been exposed to this method of testing. It was called - Myers Briggs. She reiterated there is no right or wrong answer - just relax and be honest. I took the test and found it very interesting in the questioning. In fact, I enjoyed this style of fact gathering & theory. After completing the test the young lady stated "I will send all of your information to the next person who will review your test etc and we will be back in touch." - 🔻I am not sure how long it took for them to respond (remember, this happened over 20 years ago) but they did respond. The younglady did not give me any information over the phone but invited me back to her office for the results. I could not wait to hear what the results were especially since I answered truthfully. So, while in her office she began explaining the importance of the Myers Briggs test. She also mentioned they had a professional who's only job is to review the outcome of the Myers Briggs test. My results were recorded via cassette tape by this man. (yes Cassestte tape!) She begin to explain further my results especially since she was aware I hadn't ever done this before. I believe my Personality Type was ENFJ - however, she began to share that I have the type of personality that would draw others to me and others would appreciate my outgoing nature. She kept sharing more and more about my personality and how its great to be who I am. However, here's the kicker - the gentleman who is the professional that reviews the personality test said this to the Life Insurance company. Although, I am a natural & social butterfly - I would not be a great fit for them because "I will NOT sell anything to just anyone." - 💢I was perplexed when I heard the cassette tape and the young reiterate what this man stated in the tape. I said to her "Why would I sell something to someone they do not need nor a good fit for? I would not want that to be done to me nor my family. So, why would I do that to someone else's family?" In short, I did not get the position. I left out of her office with the cassette tape and my DIGNITY! - 💫My question to you is "Have You Sold Your Soul? And At What Cost? Was It Worth It?#mysoulisnotforsell #knowyourworth#moralcompass