34 Days Until The New Year 2018!

Entrepreneurs|Executives|Leaders - Did you know?! °°° There are 34 days until THE NEW YEAR 2018!!! °°° The end of the year is quickly approaching -- the holiday season is here. Listen folks, you really do not have time to waste. The New Year will be here before you know it!!!


Here are a few quick tips to streamline your business:

1) Social media pages - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Youtube, Personal websites etc - Get them in order NOW! It is now time to cut the crap...literally. Anything or anyone that will not be beneficial to your business, growth, profits, etc...IT'S TIME TO CUT THEM! Remember: "Social media is the hub for customer interaction, and it's becoming necessary for every business to acknowledge this, even service based businesses."

2) Fresh new content & ideas - Every business serves to have a "business make-over.." Yes, you read it right. Begin to examine what worked and what did not do so well. Do not make this an unbearable task...in fact do the opposite. Do what I like to call a "Discovery Treatment Experience." When you are on a quest to seek the unknown, things just has a way of FINDING YOU. So, be open and be willing to enhance your business blueprint.

3. "You Get A Strategy, You Get A Strategy, YOU GET A STRATEGY!" (In my Oprah's voice). Well, one of my best proven principles I utilize frequently when creating a masterplan, is knowing everything I do, think, and create must come from a thought out planned strategy. Every Entrepreneur must master this vital art. It is a great habit to master if you are truly seeking RESULTS that will be beneficial to your business success.

4. Last but not least, (this will literally change the trajectory of your business and life) turn your "Service Business" into a "MarketPlace." Yes, you read correctly, a MARKETPLACE. Essentially, this is what other successful entrepreneurs are doing on a daily basis. They understand it's value and how simply "providing services" will not allow you the financial threshold you desire.


I invite you to invite me to journey with you. Take Action Now & Schedule Your Free Session: www.NowYourLifeTransforms.com


"Transformation Can Be Colorful."


Forever staying in transformation,

Anne Humphrey, Transformational Life Coach & Speaker

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