The Power Of I AM.


I Am Anne Humphrey.

I Am Worthy To Have Any & Everything I Want & Need.

I Am A Successful Leader & Coach.

I Am A Server To The People.

I Am Generous.

I Am Passionate.

I Am Loving. I Am An Advocate.

I Am A World Changer.

I Am The Possibility Of What I Say I Am.

I Am Rich.

I Am Wealthy.

I Am The One.

I AM.....

I can go on and on. - As you have heard many times over, whatever you say after "I AM," will come to fruition. It is imperative that you choose your words carefully and wisely. Your words are the vibrational codes to unlock your NOW manifestations/outcomes. You see, those of you who work with me closely know that you participate in the Vision Board exercise. However, I have created a more in-depth visual process/treatment that I like to call "Party For Your Life." This treatment really causes you to #GetOutOfYourOwnWay by releasing those empty & meaningless thoughts that hold you back and stop you from Being, Doing & Having what your heart of hearts truly desire and want.

(If you desire to explore this #NYLT #PartyForYourLife Visual Treatment,

contact me NOW.) - In closing, Answer these questions truthfully and honestly: What do you say about yourself and to yourself? How do you visualize yourself Being, Doing & Having? Do you believe that you deserve to have the best life NOW? Let's Talk. - I am so committed to helping YOU navigate through YOUR transformation while #GettingOutOfYourOwnWay! - Are YOU really ready to SPARK your dreams that lay dormant inside!" Let's Talk... - #NowYourLifeTransforms Want to get out of your own way? Schedule Your Free Session - to begin your transformational journey. * Simply, VISIT:

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Anne Humphrey, Transformational Life Coach & Speaker