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Anne's Pledge...What's Yours?

#AHQuote - Inspired by #MaryMary "You're so fly, your so high Everybody around you trying to figure out why...Your so cool, you win all the time.Everywhere you go man you get a lot of shine... You're draw like a magnet better yet I have it...Everything you wear people say they got have it...From the sweat suit to the white tee to the Gucci. You can probably say people wanna get like me...But what they don't know is when you go home...And get behind closed doors, man you hit the floor. And what they can't see is your on your knees. So the next time you get a chance tell 'em.. It's the God in me...It's the God in me...It's the God in me." ~ Mary Mary


Listen folks, I challenge you to begin speaking to the GOD IN YOU! Say things like this: "God In Me - tell me what to do about this." ..."God In Me - Show me how to prosper & bless myself & others." & Stop with the negative, helpless, downtrodden & stuck VOICE! You would be surprised just by making a decision to speak in your Power what POWERFUL things will manifest. So, are you ready to acknowledge and give notice NOW to the God In You by making your PLEDGE to the global world? If you answered YES...Let's Talk. - I am so committed to helping YOU navigate through YOUR transformation while #GettingOutOfYourOwnWay! - Are YOU really ready to SPARK your dreams that lay dormant inside!" Let's Talk... - #NowYourLifeTransforms Want to get out of your own way? Schedule Your Free Session - to begin your transformational journey. * Simply, VISIT: click on the "Contact button" to send me your private message. * Join our FB Community: - #TheAHShow Want to promote your Brand? Ask AHbout our advertising packages. * Simply, VISIT: click the "Contact button" to send me a private message. * Join our FB Community: - #GoFundMe - Your Transformational & Life Coach, Speaker & Advocate, Anne Humphrey - #NYLT #Coach #Speaker #Advocate #CityTour #LifeCoach#TransformationalCoach #TakeAction #MakeItHappen #Empower #Execute#BelieveInYourself #Thankful #Grateful #TheAH #TheAHShow #LetsBuildTogether #GetBackToTheBasics #EB2017 #2017LooksGoodOnMe#MarilynMonroe #BlackMarilynMonroe #HollywoodIsHereInSouthFlorida#BookProject2017 #AuthorAnneHumphrey #BestSeller




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#NYLT will continue to AHmaze our clients. We model integrity, determination, ambition, truth & honesty. This is the ONLY way we conduct business. 



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