Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey

Special #AHnnouncement - Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey. Her magic illuminates on stage. Anne Humphrey exudes high energy that is thrilling, vibrant & full of color. It's an electric experience. - This is your time to come out & experience what it means to have self-love, adventure & more importantly, learn how

to #GetOutOfYourOwnWay. This will be highly interactive through a fun-filled language of transformation. Plus, you will learn how to:

  1. Be unapologetically successful

  2. Unleash your stillness

  3. Move from passive actions to executing with authority


In short this is Transformation 2.0 to improve the quality of your life by mastering what you really want.

- What: Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey When: Saturday, August 5th Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL area Time: 11am EST RSVP Now! www.NowYourLifeTransforms.com

(Your name will be added to receive more specific details on where to meet me.) - Staying in transformation,

Anne Humphrey, Transformational Life Coach & Speaker