How to stop moaning & groaning AHbout your work life to Dramatically Rediscovering your Calling

So, STOP IT ALREADY! Yes, YOU! Yes, I am speaking to YOU!


The energy that you are choosing to put into moaning & groaning will not produce anything productive. It will only give you more of what you do not want. This crucial behavior only focuses your energy and clarifies your outcome.


In other words, How long are you going to moan & groan BEFORE you Take Action to do something AHbout it. It is obvious that the "pain" is clearly not "PainFull" enough to you. Or, as I say to many of my students...YOU LIKE IT & YOU LIKE THE AHttention IT PROVIDES YOU! Literally, your moaning & groaning becomes your security blanket within your comfort zone.


There comes a time in a person's life/journey where you really have to be clear and most important BE STILL. You gotta ask your self a few challenging questions. Here are a few examples:

1) Why do I choose to moan & groan every time something shacks or rattle me?

2) What I am receiving from this action?

3) Why is it easier to TAKE ACTION in moaning & groaning instead of creating another solution which will change my outcome drastically?

4) What characteristics do I project when experiencing something that may be uncomfortable?

5) Why do I run when the solution I have asked and prayed for shows up?


The questions can go on and on...


How do you rediscover your calling? It's simple. Here are 3 proven steps that I currently utilize.

1) Identify/Distinctions

2) Uncover/Decode

3) Result/Solution


Listen folks, our Calling is why we are here. If you are not:

  • Creating - a lasting impact by only doing those things that YOU were called to do

  • Building - like there is no tomorrow and you will not stop until it is done

  • Increasing - your performance which can turn into profits

  • Leveraging - your God-given natural abilities with your global communities

  • Expanding - your mind in knowing that all things (for YOU) are possible

Let's take a look into WHY.


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