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Quick Tips For Finding The Right Transformational Life Coach

There’s often an inclination to choose a transformational life coach that specializes in certain areas. For example, maybe you’re looking to revive the passion in your personal life or maybe you’re looking for help on improving your professional career. Rather than looking for a coach who fits these specific traits, what’s more important are what questions should you think through before speaking with that professional.

Here are a few examples:

1) What is the experience of this coach?

2) How can that coach apply the lessons of those experiences to my specific objectives?

3) How willing is this coach to guide me in achieving real results quickly?

4) What are your expectations you are wanting to gain after your coaching has completed?

5) Is this coach a great listener and will I be judged?

6) How strategic is this coach when it comes to thinking? Is this coach an out-of-the-box thinker or not?

7) How willing is this coach to your overall success?

8) Are you able to trust this coach?

9) How is this coach follow-up skills when monitoring if you have mastered and applied what you have learned?

10) Will this coach challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone?




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