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How To Discover Your Natural Instincts

#NowYourLifeTransforms "How To Discover Your Natural Instincts" - It all starts with understanding what your true nature is made of. You see, as a coach, I often share with my clients who have selected the Intense Coaching Game Plan, this is the area where I will really see what they are made of. On the very first session, I will throw them right into the water to see what they will instinctively do. (NOTE: Figuratively speaking, not literally.) - You see, there are natural reactions, responses and things we do when the unexpected happens. This is vitally important to see and assess those characteristics and behaviors during this critical phase. After this is accomplished, now the true work begins. -

Here are a few questions you can ponder during your discovery of your natural instincts. When the unexpected happens:

  • 1) What is usually the first thing you do?

  • 2) What story do you say or share with others?

  • 3) How do you respond to it?

  • 4) Do you freeze up or do you take action?

  • 5) Are you willing to seek out help or are you more prone to drowning with fear?

  • 6) Who do you become?

  • 7) Are you swimming in delight in confidence or are you panicking with every stroke you take


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