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3 Reasons Why You Won't Become Transformed

#NowYourLifeTransforms "3 Reasons Why You Won't Become Transformed" - Reason 1: You have negative feelings about being transformed. Things like: *** Being transformed is a myth. *** People really don't get transformed. *** This transformation thing is not for me. I love my life just the way it is. - Reason 2: Creating habits that support your negative beliefs *** This prevents you from having a full life of wonder/pleasure/abundance. - Reason 3: F E A R *** Fear lurks and sets in. You choose FEAR and allow it to jail you. - Why Not Try This:

1) Create easy & believable habits that will produce tangible outcomes for you.

2) Next, I want you to visualize yourself being able to achieve enormous possibilities.

ie: Something as simple as writing 3 things you wish to accomplish in a day.

3) Then, to get rid of FEAR, I suggest this...Consider taking ACTION No Matter What. This is a crucial step that will only propel you for getting out of your own way as well as experiencing magnificent outcomes.

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