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Anne Humphrey Guides Others To Colorful Experiences


Will Bring Unique Coaching To Your City!

Now Your Life Transforms Presents "Transformation Can Be Colorful" City Tour. This is a 2-day LIVE event with Anne Humphrey designed to help you

get answers to those pressing questions ie:

  • What exactly is Transformation?

  • Why is it important to me?

  • How will I know IF I am experiencing transformation?

  • Why should I care?

  • Who does this happens to?

  • When will it happen to me?

  • Will I feel different?

You will also learn how to Restore, Revive & Resuscitate those areas in your life that maybe dull, with no color. Plus, you will learn how to create: 

  • Colorful Lifestyles

  • Make Smart Choices

  • Become More Confident Within

Do You Want To Host Your City?

This will be very rewarding & profitable for you!


"Transformation Can Be Colorful" City Tour

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Special #AHnnouncement - Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey & learn how to #GetOutOfYourOwnWay
Her magic illuminates on stage. Anne Humphrey exudes high energy that is thrilling, vibrant & full of color. It's an electric experience. 
If you missed this exciting & life-changing event before, here is your chance to set your calendars now! KICK-OFF your 4th Quarter with a bang and be ready to "Dive, Thrive & AHrrive!" 
Come out & experience what it means to have self-love, adventure & more importantly, learn how to #GetOutOfYourOwnWay. Also, you will have a chance to focus solely on your personal growth and development. This will be highly interactive through a fun-filled language of transformation. 
Reserve Your Seat NOW! 
What: Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey. Learn how to #GetOutOfYourOwnWay 
When: TBA
Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FL area 
Time: TBA
Reserve Your Seat Now! https://www.nowyourlifetransforms.com/events 
(Your name will be added to receive more specific details on where to meet me.)
Staying in transformation,
Anne Humphrey, Transformational Life Coach & Speaker

Up Close & Personal with Anne Humphrey

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


#MindBlowing Experience

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Now Your Life Transforms Presents #MindBlowing Experience - A Life Seminar Event! This is a 2-day LIVE event with Anne Humphrey designed to help you to distinguish and identify those parts of your life that will or can give you #MindBlowing Experiences daily. Learn how to #WakeUpYourLife by executing and expecting to have unbelievable results while taking control of your life. 

August 14 - 15, 2020

Reflect, Emerge & Embrace - The MasterClass

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Now Your Life Transforms Presents Reflect, Emerge & Embrace - The MasterClass Life Event! This 2-day LIVE program is designed to help you to resuscitate, reboot and reset your mind with cutting-edge techniques that will cause you to EXECUTE like never before while becoming OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful!


This isn't just another event to attend - literally, this event is one you can not miss! Take a stand for YOU! Conquer everything that perhaps could have stopped you along your journey. Decode, unlock & discover what's been right in front of you all the time. WHY NOT! You have nothing to lose. Take Action Now! 


What: Reflect, Emerge & Embrace - Learn how to EXECUTE like never before while becoming OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful! 

When: Friday, August 14, 2020 (Special Night with VIP'ers ONLY!)  & Saturday, August 15, 2020 (General Admission)

Where: Ft Lauderdale, FL area 

Time: 7:30PM (Friday night with VIP'ers ONLY)

                                           - AND -

Saturday Morning - 11:30am EST (VIP'ers & General Admissions)

Reserve Your Seat Now! https://www.nowyourlifetransforms.com/events (Your name will be added to receive more specific details on where to meet me.)

COST: VIP'ers - ONLY $197.00 (2 Days - which includes a private dinner with me on Friday night. 


*** VIP'ers ONLY! - This Is What YOU Get! 

1) Learn proven trade-secrets on how to maximize your highest potential.

2) Techniques on how to excel in your job, business & personal life.

3) Create a vision for your life by implementing my very own "Party For Your Life" Visualization Treatment.

4) Lite refreshments - & much more! 

COST: General Admission - ONLY $97.00 (Saturday Morning ONLY!

This Is What YOU Get!

1) Learn how to make an impact while creating value.

2) Dramatically shifting from BLAME to significantly making a CHOICE unapologetically.

3) Mastering your story by identifying areas that will massively improve your life!




All tickets to this event are non-refundable. 

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to have someone attend on your behalf, email ahumphrey77@hotmail.com. We will offer a non refundable credit which you may apply towards future Now Your Life Transforms events and/or coaching for up to 6 months from your original event date.




with ANNE


Start Living The Extraordinary  


Our Commitment:

#NYLT will continue to AHmaze our clients. We model integrity, determination, ambition, truth & honesty. This is the ONLY way we conduct business. 



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Anne Humphrey, Your Transformational Life Coach



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